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How did I get into this?!

How did I get into baskets?  Well I have always enjoyed running and in February 2018 I was asked if I would like to be a runner for an off road event called ‘Rhino Charge’ in a 4X4 with a driver, a navigator and 4 runners to find the best route.

Wow what an honor to be asked to run for a fabulous event.  Ok so with this event you are given 13 gps co-ordinates the day before and you and your team have to plan the route you are going to take to reach them all in the shortest distance.  The event starts at 07:00 and ends at 17:00, you don’t know what the actual terrain is going to be like and the only maps you have are ones you have downloaded once you were told which conservancy the event was going to take place in.  More information on the event can be obtained here: http://rhinocharge.co.ke/

The logo on a large proportion of the bags is: KIFARU KWANZA.


Kwanza = FIRST

Meaning = FIRST RHINO 

This is the name of the Rhino charge team in which I joined.

A lot of funds have to be raised to take part in this event and all of the funds raised go to rhinoark.org and it was this that got me thinking when in a basket warehouse, could I get them directly from the people that make them, cut out the middle men and give funds raised directly back into the hands of those conducting all of the work.

So that is what brought me to this point in my life of making this website!